Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones Go On Sale For $199

1 min read

Back at CES 2016, Jaybird showed off their upcoming headphones, the Freedom. This new paid of wireless headphones featured premium sound quality while offering a smaller form factor than the company’s popular X2 wireless headphones.

The Jaybird Freedom earbuds use a premium metallic design which is available in a number of different colors including gold, carbon, ocean, or blaze. The tips are also interchangable with both foam and silicon options available as well as ear fins for added grip. There’s also a special charging clip available. Speaking of that, the Freedom offers 4 hours of playback on a charge (extended by 4 hours with the charging clip) and also offers quick charging.

Now all of that is great, but the real highlight with this new headset is the software features. When paired to a smartphone app, these earbuds can fine-tuned to create the best listening experience for your preference via the MySound application. You can also pair the earbuds with two devices at once, for example pairing with a tablet for music but still being connected to your smartphone for incoming calls. You can also pair two pairs of Jaybird Freedom earbuds to a single device for sharing music with another user.

The Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones are now available direct from Jaybird for $199. For now they’re only available direct from the company, but they’ll be expanding to more retailers soon.

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