Pebble Debuts The Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2, & The Pebble Core

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After teasing an announcement yesterday, Pebble has today debuted 3 brand new products including 2 new smartwatches and a new 3G connected wearable. These new wearables build on the success of past Pebble smartwatches while the new Pebble Core is a completely new product. Let’s dive into each new device.

Pebble 2


The new Pebble 2 smartwatch is a $99 “essentials” smartwatch. It builds on the original Pebble smartwatch, taking design cues from it, while offering a matured design with a larger e-ink display (black and white only) with smaller bezels. The watch is equipped with a 24/7 heart rate montior, microphone, activity and sleep tracking, and water resistance up to 30 meters. Pebble rates the battery life at 7 days and pricing starts at just $99 for the Kickstarter campaign. Retail pricing will fall at $129 when the watch goes on sale this September.

Pebble Time 2


As for the Pebble Time 2 we’ve got a 53% larger color display (compared to the original Pebble Time) and a steel design. Like the Pebble 2, the Time 2 will feature a 24/7 heart rate monitor, microphone, activity and sleep tracking, and water resistance up to 30 meters. Pebble rates the battery life on the Time 2 at 10 days, a nice upgrade from the current model. Pricing on this model lands at $169 for the Kickstarter, but will land at $199 for the retail model which will go on sale this November.

Pebble Core


As for the Pebble Core, we’ve got something we’ve never seen from the company before. This clip-on wearable is a compact, lightweight, 3G-connected device for streaming music and tracking fitness. You can connect it to Spotify and plug in a pair of headphones for completely wireless music streaming, and you can also track your workouts with services such as Runkeeper. There’s also built in GPS. This device will cost $69 on the Kickstarter campaign, but will retail for $99 when it goes on sale next January.

Bringing delightful, affordable wearable technology to the world is the puzzle Pebble lives to solve. Our latest vision for the future is almost complete. We’re back on Kickstarter for the most important piece…You.

If you’re interested in reserving any of these new wearables, check out the Kickstarter linked below.

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