Slight UI Changes Hitting The Android YouTube App Today

1 min read

If you own an Android device and happen to be watching any YouTube videos today then you may have noticed something a bit different. Normally when you would tap the overflow button while watching a video you would get four buttons that popped up over the video. These options were for captions, quality, report, and of course cardboard. Today though, that no longer appears to be the case.

Many users today are reporting that tapping the overflow button while watching a YouTube now pulls up a card from the button of the screen. This card includes all of the same options as were discussed above, just presented in a more visually pleasing manner. Something else that seems to have slightly changed is the video scrub bar. It now sits directly at the bottom of the video you are watching, giving it a more “material” feel.


These UI changes were first reported as being seen by a small handful of users a little while back, but now it seems that the changes are finally making a substantial rollout. Take note that these particular changes will not be gained from an update to the YouTube app, but instead via a server-side update.

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