Starting June 9th AT&T Will Only Offer Two Payments Plan Instead Of Four

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Payment plans have become the name of the game for US carriers and starting June 9th, AT&T is making some big changes to theirs, for the good. Both customers and businesses will be able lower their payments with these new plans as well.

What AT&T is doing is taking their current 4-plan set up and cutting it down to just two options, the AT&T Next plan and the AT&T Next Every Year plan. The difference between the two should be self-explanatory.

On the standard Next plan you’ll have a lower monthly payment and your payment term will be over a period of 30 months. Customers will have the ability to upgrade their device and remain on the same plan after they’ve completed 24 months of payments or once they’ve paid off 80% of the device’s cost, whichever comes first. For the Next Every Year plan, customers will pay over a period of 24 months, but they’ll be able to upgrade after just 12 payments or once 50% of the device’s cost has been paid off, whichever comes first. Keep in mind though if you opt for this plan you’ll have higher payments.


To help lower their bills, AT&T is offering a couple of options for customers. First off, you’ll be able to trade in your current smartphone in order to get a credit on your bill which will lower your payments. Another option is to make a down payment which will be applied to your device’s retail cost and you’ll be paying monthly on the remaining total.  These changes will be applied starting next month.

We know you want flexibility and choices. With our new plans, we’re giving you the power to decide between lower monthly payments or the ability to upgrade to the latest smartphone sooner.

Source: AT&T