Google Is Building A Self-Driving Car Development Center Close To Detroit

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Self-driving vehicles are quickly becoming popular among technology and car companies alike. The one company that seems to be taking this idea the most seriously though is Google. You can see this in the companies latest announcement from this morning. Google announced via a Google+ post that the company is currently in the process of building a new self-driving car development center near Detroit.

The Google+ post details that “members of our team have been working from the Greater Detroit area” and that because of this it was time to build a development center there. Said development center will be 53,000 square feet when completed and the first project that Google plans on working on there is the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans.

As of now the development center is still not completed, but Google does plan on finishing it sometime this year. In fact, the company has said that they plan on moving in throughout the entire year.