The Nexus 9 Is Officially Dead As Factory Production Comes To A Close

1 min read

Google and HTC’s Nexus 9 wasn’t the best tablet ever, but it has had a solid run since its release back in late 2014. Earlier this year it started disappearing from retailers, signalling an end for the device, but today that has been officially confirmed as HTC has ceased production of the tablet according to CNET. The company says that this wasn’t because of a lack of demand, but simply because it the manufacturing run had come to an end.

While Google has stopped selling new units via the Google Store, you can still pick one up from both HTC as well as Amazon. Even though this tablet is nearly 2 years old, it still has solid support from Google and is even able to use the latest developer previews for the upcoming Android N. While you’d be smart to pick up the newer Pixel C, the Nexus 9 is still a solid option with stellar front facing speakers, a solid 8.9″ display, and the NVIDIA K1 processor under the hood.