Samsung Preparing To Launch A Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

1 min read

Remember last year’s Iron Man and Avengers themed Galaxy S6’s? Well this time around it’s looking like the company has decided to head over to the DC world to create a Batman themed version of the new Galaxy S7 Edge.

For now we don’t know exactly what the company has in store for this new device since right now we’ve just got a teaser image. If I had to guess, we’ll probably see a black and dark grey model with a pre-installed and applied Batman theme along with that infamous logo found on the rear of the phone.

The teaser also makes mention of the Injustice game which has been around for quite a while. This promotion may be a sign that the game is about to pick up a major update, perhaps to reflect DC’s recent “Rebirth” of their comic book franchises. Obviously we have no word just yet on an official release date, pricing, or availability. However given the “coming soon” teaser and the fact that the company has tweeted the image several times recently, odds are we don’t have long to wait.