Square Jellyfish Pocket Tripod and Remote Review

2 min read

Square Jellyfish offer lots of accessories for smartphones and cameras and from my experience they are very high quality, and perform to my expectations of cheap-ish accessories. Lately one product of theirs that I’ve been checking out is their pocket tripod.

The metal pocket tripod is a great accessory to have. It works on cameras that have a standard tripod fitting, and Square Jellyfish (as well as lots of other places) offer attachments for your smartphone so it fits on to it. The design of the pocket tripod is excellent. It is sleek and is aesthetically pleasing to look at, alone and with a camera mounted to it. It lives up to it’s name of being a pocket tripod, and is small enough to fit in the pocket more than once.

The Bluetooth remote that Square Jellyfish also make is another great product that I often find myself using. The remote will control the camera on your smartphone or tablet. This is particularly useful if you’re using a tripod and are taking a photo, or if you have a place to rest your device while you take a selfie with the back camera. The remote instantaneously takes the photo and the usual process goes along, saving the photo to your gallery. The remote is also very small so will easily fit in your palm and in your pocket.


Both of these devices that Square Jellyfish offer are very useful, and very portable so you can take them anywhere and use them. I have found that these products are very useful for aspiring photographers, especially those using their smartphones or tablets.

I am very impressed overall with both of these photography products by Square Jellyfish, especially as they will work with any smart device on the market. Obviously Bluetooth is needed for the remote to work, but most smartphones and tablets have the capability these days. Well done Square Jellyfish! If you’re interested in pick this up, check out the link below.

Pocket Tripod on Amazon Bluetooth Shutter Remote on Amazon