VTIN Royaler Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Bluetooth speakers are one of the easiest ways to get great audio from your smartphone anywhere, but most of the time a truly great speaker will cost an arm and a leg while cheaper options are barely better than your on-board smartphone speakers. However the VTIN Royaler breaks that trend by offering extremely good audio at an affordable price point.

First things first, let’s talk about the looks of this speaker. With an all-metal frame and a large speaker grill on the front and back, you get a great looking speaker that fits in just about any environment. Personally I’m not a giant fan of the color, especially since it’s the only one available, but it’s also not a bad looking option.

Up on top you’ll find two rocker buttons. The first (on the left) controls the power and Play/Pause controls on your music. The right-most rocker is a volume rocker which doubles as Skip/Previous controls for your music. Both are tactile and respond fairly quickly.


Now as for actual sound quality, this speaker blew me away. At first glance I really wasn’t expecting anything good, especially from a brand I’d never heard of, but this is a really good speaker. The sound is crisp and I really enjoy listening to it. The bass is very much there, but doesn’t overpower anything else. The speaker also gets very loud thanks to the 20W available through the two separate drivers. There’s also a passive subwoofer in the center.

The VTIN Royaler also packs a microphone for taking phone calls built into the speaker grill itself. If you need to connect your device manually, you can do so with the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable and the port on the back.

The speaker itself is slightly longer than my Nexus 6P (and also an iPhone 6 Plus) and weighs in at about two pounds. The size makes it easy to carry with you just about anywhere, but if you plan to throw this in a bag, be careful as the metal could scratch quite easily. The battery inside measures in at 5,000 mAh which ends up lasting about 6-8 hours depending on the volume you’re playing at. You’ll be able to recharge easily via the microUSB port on the back and in case you somehow don’t have one, there is a spare cable included in the box.


Pairing this speaker is also very easy as it launches into pairing mode anytime it is turned on. I found this incredibly useful as I could connect any of my devices to the VTIN Royaler without having to unpair from another device.

Overall, I can’t say anything negative about this speaker. It offers shockingly great quality for just $59. For everything you’re getting, this is a great deal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a solid speaker option. If you’re interested, pick it up at the link below.

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