Energysquare Brings Easier Wireless Charging To Any Smartphone

2 min read

Wireless charging is one of my favorite additions to any smartphone, but sadly not everyone includes it. While there are ways to add it, they are usually a bit clumsy and inefficient. Adding on to all of that, Qi technology has its own limits too. A new company looks to change things up however. Energysquare has recently launched their own wireless charging method and I have to say, it looks pretty fascinating.



The first part of the technology is a large conductive pad which is plugged into the power. The pad uses conductive squares for charging and is controlled independently to avoid wasting power. To charge your device, a thin strip is added to the back of the phone which has two small conductive dots which connect to the charging port on the phone and also touches down on the pad to draw power. To attain a charge, each of the two dots need to touch a separate square on the pad.

So why is this better than something like Qi? The answer is simple, there is no loss of efficiency with this charging method. You can charge at the same speed as a standard charger and presumably you’ll be able to use fast charging as well. You can also charge multiple devices on a single pad, something very few Qi chargers are capable of.


Energysquare is set to debut later this year and is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The campaign has already been fully funded and is about to double the original goal with over 20 days to go. Right now $50 will get you a single pad with 5 different charging adapters available for both microUSB and Lightning ports. USB C is even available! If you’re interested in reserving your own unit, check out the Kickstarter linked below.

Energysquare on Kickstarter