Google Home Is Apparently Nothing More Than A Much Better Chromecast Under The Hood

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Back at Google I/O 2016, we got our first look at the company’s Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home. This new product promises to make a splash in the smart home space offering plenty of awesome functionality, however under the hood it looks like there’s nothing all that complex.

According to The Information, who has a pretty good track record with reports like this, Google Home is more or less the same hardware as the Chromecast, but with the addition of a speaker, microphone, and an outer shell. Obviously it’s not the exact same thing, but it runs atop the same chipset with the same WiFi connectivity.

The OS running the show is also apparently very similar to the one found on Chromecast devices. The report also claims that a future version of the Home could run atop Android.

Seeing that Google Home does perform quite a few of the same core functions as a Chromecast, this does make a level of sense. Most of what the Home handles is over on Google’s servers just like the Chromecast, so some minor alterations to the hardware and software could be all that’s needed to drive the device’s extra functionality. This could also be a method of keeping costs down, allowing Google to sell Google Home for a lower price than the competition.


Source: The Information