MediaTek’s New Fast Charging System Charges Your Device From 0% To 70% In Just 20 Minutes

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Fast charging has become all but a necessity at this point in time and we’ll never complain if it gets faster. Qualcomm’s quick charging method has become the standard for most devices, but for lower cost devices and many found in international products, Qualcomm chipsets aren’t found. Rather we see many MediaTek chipsets on these devices and this week MediaTek has announced¬†a big update to their own fast charging system named “Pump Express”.

In Pump Express 3.0 we get full USB C compatibility directly via Type-C Power Delivery rather than the current VBUS modulation that we see on Qualcomm’s option. This aligns Pump Express 3.0 with Type-C spec, which is great to see. Further, this fast charging method aims to keep the heat down by avoiding the phone’s circuitry, instead using a switch inside the phone to allow the current to go directly to the battery and cutting power dissipation by 50% in the process. There are also special sensors within the device which create 20 special safety mechanisms for avoiding excess heat and to adjust voltage depending on that factor to attain the best possible charging speeds.

Charging can also be performed at up to 5A and MediaTek promises a charge from 0% to 70% in just 20 minutes. They don’t mention the size of battery that is on, although we can guess it’s around 3,000 mAh as most stats we see like that are based on that size battery.

We’ll undoubtedly begin seeing Pump Express 3.0 on multiple devices over the next few months and it should make an appearance on the upcoming Helio P20 processor which is set to debut later this year. Other chipsets from the company should pick up compatibility next year as well.

Source: MediaTek