The Google Play Store Now Suggests Which Apps To Uninstall If You’re Running Low On Storage Space

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Storage space is one of the hurdles many face on their smartphones. While most users who buy flagship devices will never find themselves running out, there are millions of users stuck with device with 16GB, 8GB, or even just 4GB of storage space. The less storage you have, the harder it gets to pick up a new app from the Play Store. We’ve seen some solutions to this hit the market recently including Google’s adoptable storage in Android Marshmallow as well as Nextbit’s creative cloud system, however neither of those are available on all devices.

In a recent update to the Google Play Store however, Google has added a new feature that helps users decide which apps they might want to uninstall to free up space for that new application.

Google Play’s uninstall manager will intelligently bring up a list of apps that might not be used on a regular basis or apps that take up a lot of space and give the user a quick and easy option to delete one, or several of those apps directly from the box. Keep in mind this won’t show anything like pictures, videos, or music files that could be filling up the storage, only applications.


It’s unclear how long this feature has been live but nonetheless we’re glad to see it available. Have you come across this? Let us know down in the comments!

Via: Android Police