Google Now Letting Users Beta Test The Google Maps App

1 min read

Who doesn’t need a little help getting around town these days from time to time? Well, when most of us do find ourselves in such a situation we tend to turn to the good ole’ Google Maps app on our smartphone. This is likely due to the overall reliability and great features of the Google Maps app compared to other navigation apps. Today, though, Google surprised everyone by releasing a beta version of Google Maps to the public.

If you tend to use the Google Maps app a lot on Android and wish to try out the new beta version of the app, all you have to do is sign up for it by following the source link below. Clicking said link will take you to the signup page where once you sign up, you will be able to download the beta version of Google Maps. Of course, as with any other type of beta, you are trying it at your own risk. Things aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be working perfectly and you are much more likely to encounter bugs and glitches. On the other hand, you will be on the bleeding edge as far as new features go.

Source: Google