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EC Technology Portable Speaker Review

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The Bluetooth speaker market is fairly saturated now. One can easily find the right speaker for them at any price point. For a lot of us it would be ideal to find that expensive sounding speaker for a lower price. The EC Technology, an emerging accessory producer, may have hit on some of those higher end needs at that lower cost. This speaker comes in at $35.00 but can be found for less on Amazon.

ectechnology speaker

The speaker sports a shiny, solid plastic titanium gray shell with a curved design with the speaker resting on top. In the top center is the hub button that allows control over the device. The button shines bright and blue. Behind the speaker is a charging port, headphone jack, and two directional buttons for content navigation. The device was made with Bluetooth 4.0 specs.

At a glance, the device is stylish, modern, and even slightly conversational. I first tested the device with my 74 year old father who felt quite cool using it with his phone while watching videos on Facebook. The EC Technology Bluetooth speaker has a surprising weight (0.57 lbs) to it for a small speaker as well giving it a solid quality feel.

ectechnology speaker

The sound itself is surprising for its price point. I was expecting more of a tin sounding cheaper higher and middle frequency from the device, but it had a good balance thanks to the built in bass boost from the size of the speaker. Perhaps bigger is better was a fitting formula for this speaker (2.71 inches x 2.55 inches x 2.55 inches).

I like to use these speakers on phone calls. I know that has become a lesser feature with mobile phones, but I keep in constant communication with my wife and father over the phone. On two calls with my wife and dad, they could hear me okay but could tell for sure that I was on a speaker phone. Both of them came through loud and clear when they spoke especially my father who has a loud deep booming voice.

The battery life is more than adequate. To this point with heavy music and phone use I’ve only had to charge the device once in a two week period. The 800mAh Li-ion battery enables up to 8 to 12 hours playtime and 30 hours call time with around 200 hours stand-by time, according to their product page. Battery life will rarely be an issue with this device with moderate stand by usage.

ectechnology speaker

The speaker even sounds good when loud. I have played a variety of music from hip hop, country, metal, and pop music at full volume and it all came through without a terrible amount of distortion. The sound carries well in any room. I listened to it while cooking, showering, cleaning house, hosting friends outside, and at my desk. In all scenarios the speaker held its own and I found myself grabbing it over my Jawbone BT speaker or my BT headset.

The device is not perfect, but for the price, buyers are going to get what they pay for and a lot more. I don’t believe there is ever buyer’s remorse with this speaker. The exterior of the accessory does show a lot of fingerprints when held. I found myself cleaning the device before guests were visiting. While it does boast a good range (around 33 feet), the device will make a good amount of racket when it is no longer paired with your mobile device. Fortunately it was very rare that I lost my pairing during testing.

For the price and sound output it provides though, the EC Technology 5W Bluetooth speaker is a good buy.

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