Hands On With Toast’s New Leather Cover For The Nexus 6P

1 min read

One of the accessories for Google’s Nexus 6P that caught just about everyone’s attention was Toast’s real wood cover for the device. It certainly gave the phone an impressive look and feel and many users flocked to buy it. However a few months later, Toast is back with another new accessory for the 6P, an all-leather cover.

This cover, available in several different colors, adds a fantastic look and feel to the device while adding a bit more protection compared to the wood option. The leather will of course wear over time, but it is coated so you won’t have to worry about a bit or moisture ruining the look. This cover doesn’t inhibit the fingerprint scanner, USB port, SIM tray, or buttons in any way at all.

The cover is also very easy to install. You’ll have one main piece to cover the back and sides of the device, and then two optional front pieces to go around the top and bottom bezels. Installation takes just under 15 minutes at most. You can see more of that process in the video down below.

Toast sells this cover on their website starting at $44. Adding custom text, logos, or the front cover will add a bit to that total as well. If you’re interested in picking one up, check out the link below.

Get it from Toast