New Galaxy Note 7 Renders Show Off A Familiar Design With Curved Edges, Launching In 2 Months

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Samsung’s next big release, the Galaxy Note 7, or Galaxy Note 6, we’ll see what happens, is right around the corner. Rumors have told us a lot about the upcoming phone but today we’re getting a fairly big leak, showing off what the phone will look like along with when it will release.

So first off, @Onleaks on Twitter has given us a sneak peek at the phone’s design via USwitch. This video shows off a design which is similar to the previous Galaxy Note 5 at a glance, but with a few minor tweaks. Following previous rumors we know that the device will be getting a screen bump up to 5.8″ inches from the current 5.7″, but with the dual curved edges on the device, it’s possible this phone won’t be any larger (at least in terms of width) than the Note 5.

According to his sources, Onleaks claims that this is the standard Note 7, not an Edge variant. Seeing as that is the case, it’s likely we won’t see an Edge variant this time around. Whether that is a good thing or not, I’ll leave up to you.

The leaks also show off a very similar layout for the ports along the bottom, however this time around we’re likely to see a USB C port on board and the leak does show us that modified look. Odds are Samsung will finally implement Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 along with the new port, something we’ll be glad to see since it was skipped on the Galaxy S7 earlier this year.

Falling atop all of this, infamous leaker Evan Blass has given us a launch date for the Note 7. He says that as of yesterday, the launch event is “almost exactly two months away”. While other rumors had the launch date as soon a couple weeks from now, we still don’t have too long to wait for this release.