Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

2 min read

Anker isn’t exactly the first company you think of when it comes to Bluetooth audio, but they do make some pretty awesome hardware in the field. Lately I’ve been testing out their Premium Bluetooth Speaker and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty solid. Let’s take a little closer look.

So first things first, let’s talk design. The Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker isn’t anything incredible to look at, but it also isn’t bad either. The rounded plastic body looks pretty good in most settings and little touches like the silver lining around the buttons and the aluminum Anker logo really make it stand out just a bit.

Moving on to sound however, I’m truly sad to say that this speaker disappointed me just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, this thing sounds really good, but it lies very heavily on the bass. Songs with a lot of bass with sound amazing and even at lower volumes you can actually feel it through your entire body. Due to that however, the mids and highs are not great.


If you’re into songs that are heavy on bass, you’ll love this speaker. However if you’re like me and lean a bit more toward rock songs, you might want to look at other options as this one just doesn’t sound as good in that setting.

In terms of volume, this speaker is great. It can easily fill a large room and more with 20W output from stereo 10W drivers. There are also 2 passive subwoofers which contribute to the powerful bass.

Battery life on the other hand is great at about 8 hours. You can also easily recharge via the microUSB port on the right side. A 3.5mm audio jack is also found directly above that. The buttons up top feature a “bubble” design which I wasn’t a massive fan of, but they get the job done pretty well and at the very least, they’ll last quite a while.


Overall this is a solid speaker, but it is definitely one that is aimed toward those who listen to a certain type of music. Personally it’s not my cup of tea, but it gets the job done and for $59, you won’t find a portable speaker with more bass than this. If you’re interested in picking one up, check out the link down below.

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