Mobvoi Ticwatch 2 Goes Official With New OS, Available Internationally This Summer

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Earlier this year we showed you the Mobvoi Ticwatch, a new smartwatch packing a classy design, unique features, and a super affordable price tag. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a solid option, at least for Chinese users. Sadly the first generation was only released in the Chinese market, however following an official announcement yesterday, we’ll have a model here in the US as soon as this summer.

First let’s talk hardware. The Ticwatch 2 packs a design that is similar to the original, but refined to look even better. There are more than a dozen different watch/band combinations available, but the three base color include silver, gold, and a grey model. It uses materials such as metal, ceramic, and sapphire glass to make up the watch, providing a premium and durable wearable.

The display comes in at 1.4″, but this time it’s an AMOLED display. This allows the OS to enable an always on option like we’ve seen on Android Wear. For charging, we’ll have wireless charging however the company has dropped Qi in exchange for their own standard which they claims improves efficiency by up to 75%.

Update: Mobvoi has confirmed that they are still using Qi, but they have slightly modified their charger to have faster output.


Under the hood you’ll find 3G connectivity so that you can still make and take phone calls, send and receive SMS, and continue to use smart features such as maps, voice search, and more.

As far as software goes, Mobvoi has upgraded to Ticwear 4.0. This new OS takes all of the features of the previous OS and builds on them a bit. You’ll still have easy access to music controls, notifications, voice search, and more. Voice search through Mobvoi’s powerful smart assistant can also controls aspects of the watch and even have a “conversation” with you. The special “tickle” strip along the side of the watch also makes a return, adding physical controls to the side of the watch that make interaction easier than ever. Chinese users can even use Alipay to make mobile payments directly from the watch. Along with the watch’s announcement however, Mobvoi did announce that they are working on a new mobile payments option known as “Ticpay” which will offer contactless payments. The new OS also gets a new and improved app store with more watch faces, apps, and even games. You’ll also be able to access it from the web.


For now, this is all designed for China. Things will be getting minor changes when the International model launches later this Summer. Users around the world will be able to pick up that model, US users included. Both variants will sell for the equivalent of about $200 US, but that isn’t final pricing just yet. The company is also taking early registration for the international model now.

Source: Mobvoi Ticwatch Review