T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 Goes Official, Offers Free Gifts And Stock In The Company

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T-Mobile has made a lot of big, unusual moves over the past couple of years through their Uncarrier initiative, however with Uncarrier 11, things have been taken further than ever before. While previous initiatives such as Binge On, Music Freedom, and Data Stash all present immediate benefits for customers, Uncarrier 11 provides benefits over time.

In a nationwide simulcast to millions of Un-carrier customers today via the web and social media, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere unveiled the company’s eleventh iconic Un-carrier move—#GetThanked, a set of initiatives dedicated exclusively to thanking T-Mobile customers.

Stock Up

First, T-Mobile has introduced a one-of-a-kind program in Stock Up. This program gives loyal T-Mobile customers literal shares of the company in the stock market. Every new and existing customer is given one stock, with the ability to gain as many as 100 shares per year through referring other users to T-Mobile’s network. To access the stock you’ll need to sign up for Loyal3, an easy online method of managing and trading stocks.

T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile has also introduced a new app for their customers that gives free perks every Tuesday. The app, available now on both Android and iOS, works with T-Mobile’s partnerships with companies such as Gilt, Domino’s, StubHub, Wendy’s, VUDU, Fandango, Legendary Pictures, Universal Pictures, Lyft, and more to give free prizes to customers. This could include anything from free movie tickets to a free pizza. There will be a new deal each Tuesday within the app.

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 Free In-Flight WiFi

One more perk that T-Mobile is also adding on to is their free in-flight internet. T-Mobile already offers free in-flight messaging on two-thirds of domestic flights, but now users will get a free 3-hour pass for any GoGo equipped flight. The free in-flight messaging also gets a bump, now expanding from SMS only to services such as iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Viber.

“Get ready for a gratitude adjustment, America! This Un-carrier move is all about giving you a good thanking! No strings. No gotchas. Just ‘thank you for being a customer!’ At T-Mobile, we already wake up every day working for our customers—so I’ve decided to make it official and turn T-Mobile customers into T-Mobile owners by offering them stock. And we’re thanking customers every week with cool stuff from brands people love. For free. Every Tuesday!”

Source: T-Mobile