The Awesome TYLT VU Wireless Charger Is Currently Just $30 On Amazon ($40 Off)

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Wireless charging is awesome, but getting a solid charger without spending an arm and a leg is tough. Balancing quality, functionality, and design uses ends up costing quite a bit, but one of the best wireless chargers ever, the TYLT VU, is currently on sale for a very affordable $29.99.

The TYLT VU is a standard Qi wireless charger (sorry, no fast wireless charging on this one) that chargers with 3 coils to provide an easy charging experience. Things get even better when you add in the angle which the charger lies on as it’s propped up just enough to let you see everything on your smartphone’s display.

Usually the Vu is sold for $69.99, out of the range for many users. Right now however Amazon is offering the charger for as little as $29. This is for the black variant only, with the Blue, Yellow, and Red versions coming in between $34 and $39, also solid deals. If you’re interested, check out the link below.

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