Three Jeopardy Contestants Didn’t Know Marshmallow Was A Version Of Android

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Despite being the most popular mobile platform in the world, it never ceases to amaze me how few people know what Android is actually called. Since Samsung is the biggest Android OEM, many users say they have “a Galaxy”, not actually knowing what the device runs. In recent years we’ve seen several attempts to raise awareness for the platform including some great ads and even slapping the name on every device’s boot up screen, but many still don’t acknowledge it.

For the average joe, this is something that will take a while to change, but when you think of someone who will appear on Jeopardy, you expect them to be well versed in a lot of things. While tech may not be one of those, you’d think they would know at least the absolute basics. Well, apparently not.

On last night’s episode of Jeopardy, three contestants who were all doing well, each collecting¬†thousands of dollars and answering questions with no problem at all. Well, until they were asked about which mobile operating system had a version named “Marshmallow”.

Host Alex Trebek gave the three contestants the answer “Marshmallow is the name of the 6.0 version of this operating system that powers millions of smartphones”. Following that, the first contestant confidently responded¬†“iOS”, which of course, is incorrect. Following that, a second contestant assumed the previous was correct, but has mis-pronounced it, which he then responded with “eyeOS”, also incorrect. It just shocks me that this still happens and this should make it all the more important for Google and their partners to get the Android name out there.

Via: Android Police