Toast Cover For Surface Book Review

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Microsoft’s first laptop, the Surface Book, is absolutely gorgeous right out of the box, however you can make that look even better by adding a skin. Sure, you could go with a piece of vinyl, and it would be great, but if you really want a good looking skin, there’s no other option than Toast.

Toast’s wood cover for the Surface Book is made from 100% real wood, in Walnut, Ebony, Ash, and Bamboo options. You can cover the top, bottom, sides, keyboard, and screen bezels on the machine. Pricing starts at $69, going all the way up to $154 with every option included.


Installing the skin on the Surface Book isn’t what I would call difficult, but you’ll need to give it quite a bit of time to perform the task. The first step is to take out the various pieces of the cover and lay them out. My recommendation is to keep the larger pieces separate from the smaller ones, and of course, use an open, stable workspace for this project.

Once you’ve got your pieces separated and organized to your liking, take the included alcohol wipe and wipe down the entire outer portion of the device. You should only use one wipe to do this, and it should continue until the wipe is mostly dried off. If you are also installing on the inner cover, use the alcohol wipe around the keyboard and a microfiber cloth for the display itself.

After that, the first step should be the top cover. If you opted to get the Windows logo cut-out, align using that and one corner. If not, align using opposite corners of the cover. Once aligned, press down with pressure from the center outward.

From here, detach the tablet portion and cover the edges with the appropriate pieces. Then cover the display’s bezels. Before leaving everything alone, reattach the tablet to the keyboard to ensure the placement of the different pieces does not interfere with docking the tablet portion.

Moving on to the keyboard dock, I recommend placing the keyboard cover on first, if you opted to get one. Align using the two front edges and, before placing pressure down, ensure all the different corners for the keyboard are aligned properly, and then apply with pressure.

Following this, wrap the edges of the keyboard dock with the appropriate pieces. Next, you’ll need to cover the hinge. Here you’ll need to ensure each piece fits on the hinge sections before removing the 3M paper. Once you’ve done this, apply with pressure.

After you’ve completed all of the steps above, simply apply pressure once again to the cover to ensure everything sticks. Then avoid placing the laptop in a bag to avoid letting dust collect around the edges, at least for the first 24 hours.

In Use

Once the skin is installed, it’s pretty obvious, this thing is gorgeous. The skin will definitely grab attention, but it serves for more purposes than just looks. For one thing, it provides a level of customization that nothing else can. Toast can easily engrave just about anything to your cover. Simply ask, and it shall be done. Of course there’s an extra cost, but can you really put a value on something as personal as that?

Another purpose this cover serves is for protection. While it won’t necessarily help your device survive a drop, it will protect it from being scratched within a bag or on a rough surface.

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If you’re interested in picking up one of these skins, check out the link below.

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