Dog & Bone LockSmart Mini Smart Padlock Review

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Dog & Bone are an Australian smartphone accessory company primarily based on cases for iPhones, particularly waterproofing cases. But now, Dog & Bone have decided to take a dive into the smart-device sector, and have brought out a new smart padlock.

Dog & Bone offers the “Locksmart” in both large and small sizes; the large lock primarily for use outdoors, and the smaller one for suitcases. I got the smaller of the locks, and I used it both outside and on my suitcase.

So first of all, what’s the use for a smart padlock? The answer to that is simple. We all need to keep things secure, but doing so with padlocks requires keeping track of keys. Lost your key? You’re out of luck getting your lock open again. However with the Locksmart Mini, all you need is your smartphone.

The lock uses Bluetooth to control itself via the companion app for iOS or Android. Once you need to open the lock, simply press the wake button on the bottom of the lock and use the app to open it so you can access your treasures inside! You don’t even need the app to lock it, just close the lock like usual and click- it’s locked, you’re stuff is safe.


The lock comes in the rubber sleeve to protect it so it can be used outside as well as inside, so I don’t suggest you take it off, unless of course you want to see the naked metal body that’s vulnerable to rust and damage.

The lock works really well and the time between me telling the the lock to unlock and it actually opening is less than a second. You can add a picture of the lock, name the lock, and even share it with your friends and family so they can control it. All of which you can manage from your own device.

The only big downside to the lock is the fact that it does need charging, however the battery is said to last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years between charges, so it’s quite solid. It also depends on how much you use it so for me, I can expect a middle-length battery life.

At $69.99, the Locksmart Mini isn’t particularly cheap, but if this fits your needs, you’ll absolutely love it. Check it out at the link below.

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