Samsung Will Have Sold 25 Million Galaxy S7 Units By The End Of This Month

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 family is undoubtedly a hit among customers and that is shown in its sales.¬†Reports now claim that Samsung is on track to sell a whopping 25 million units by the end of this month alone, just a few months after the launch earlier this year.¬†According to two reports, the reason for the phone’s success is due in part to the earlier launch, the aggressive product marketing, and also just that it’s a better product compared to previous options.

Pulse News also reports that Samsung is selling more of the Galaxy S7 Edge compared to the standard S7 unit, leading to what is expected to be a higher profit report at the end of this quarter. On top of all of this, Samsung is also expected to release their next device, the Galaxy Note 7, within the next couple of months.

Via: SamMobile