SlimROMs Releases Its First Official Marshmallow Build

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Like Paranoid Android and AOKP, SlimROMs was one of the most popular ROMs of the Android community in the pre-Material Design (Lollipop) era. Although SlimROMs did release some official Lollipop builds, the Marshmallow era consisted mostly of behind-the-scenes development, unofficial builds and other popular ROMs based on SlimROMs code. Wednesday, however, the team launched its revamped website and released a bare-bones Marshmallow build primarily to test whether their site is up to the bandwidth demands of hordes of eager users downloading the ROM files.

Speaking of the site, I hadn’t visited it for a while but I was impressed by the design using Google’s Polymer platform. It has the feel (at least to me) of a Google Plus-style web app. The navigation drawer is collapsible in mobile view but is always expanded in desktop and tablet view. It reminds me of the new Google Plus web format.

As I mentioned before, the team’s first official Marshmallow release is a mostly stock affair, the exceptions being support for changing the DPI of your display, SlimLauncher (basically a custom launcher with icon pack support, homescreen grid resizing, the ability to hide the search bar and gesture controls) and root access. The initial list of supported devices is somewhat unusual, but the team is currently recruiting new device maintainers to expand the list. Currently, the following devices are supported:

  • Nexus 6p (angler)
  • Nexus 6 (shamu)
  • Nexus 9 (flounder)
  • Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
  • Nexus 7 2nd gen (flo)
  • Nexus 4 (mako)
  • HTC one M9 GSM (himaul)
  • HTC One M8
  • Moto E LTE second gen (surnia)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mondrianwifi)

For anyone interested in becoming a device maintainer, the criteria are described as follows on the team’s website:

We are currently looking for device maintainers. We expect you to know your way around android and be able to fix problems as they emerge not just a builder. With that being said, you can contact us at In your email please link your work, sources, and specify why you think you’d be a good addition to our team. Work related to slimroms is preferable but not mandatory.

After talking with some of the team members, my impression is that users should start seeing some of the classic SlimROMs features including Slim Actions, SlimRecents and full Layers support soon when weeklies are released.

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