Google Now On Tap Gets A Handful Of Useful Shortcuts In Its Latest Update

1 min read

Google Now on Tap is rarely recognized as the useful tool that it is, however Google has slowly been working over the past couple months to add new functions to it in order to make it a bit more useful for its users. Now Google is adding yet another one of those new features with the addition of several useful shortcuts into Now on Tap results.

This feature seems to be only in testing as of right now, so not everyone will see it on their devices just yet. The shortcuts (seen below) include a handful of standard tasks you would perform on your device such as creating an alarm, settings a timer, or navigating to work or home. Along with that, you’ll also have a lineup of “places nearby” that will link to a search for nearby locations such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and more.

So far this update seems to only be appearing with version 6.0 of the Google app which is currently live in the app’s beta channel.


Via: 9to5Google