Satechi Debuts Their New Affordable 6-Port Desktop Charger With USB C

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With the adoption of USB C quickly on the rise, more and more accessories are coming out to complement all those new devices. Now Satechi has released a new 6-port desktop charger which packs 60W of charging power along with USB C compatibility.

The charger has 4 USB A ports along with two USB C ports. At any given time the charger can deliver 12A of power to all 6 ports which should provide ample speeds for charging up devices such as the Nexus 6P, 12″ Macbook, and the Pixel C. While you won’t find Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standards here, you will find 2.4A speeds on all 4 USB A ports along with rapid charging speeds via the USB C ports, at least for compatible smartphones.

Satechi lists the following as the features for this new charger.

  • Simultaneously charge multiple Type-C and Type-A devices: features two high-power Type-C USB ports and four 2.4A Type-A USB ports.
  • Smart auto-detect charging technology: Ensures each device is getting its maximum charge and will adjust compatible devices to deliver best possible charge.
  • Charges most devices: Maximizes output power up to 60W / 12amps among 6 ports, charging multiple devices at full speed.
  • Convenient and compact: The charging station come with a power cable so you can plug it in and put it where you need it. The compact size makes it easy to move and fit in anywhere you need power.

Generally chargers like this will cost a bit more than expected, however Satechi has priced this option extremely reasonably at just $29.99. You can already pick up the charger in both black and white over on Amazon although it’s worth noting that Prime shipping isn’t available just yet.

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Press Release

Satechi’s New Multi-Port USB Charging Station Simultaneously Charges a Combination of Up to Six Type-C or Type-A USB-Powered Devices

SAN DIEGO – (June 16, 2016) – Satechi, a brand known for its functional and organizational desktop and workspace solutions, announces the availability of its Multi-Port USB Charging Station. Featuring four Type-A ports and two Type-C ports, Satechi’s new device allows users to charge multiple devices at the same time, in the same place. Whether in a household filled with multiple devices, a crowded office, or a mobile workspace, the Multi-Port USB Charging Station provides users one simple solution to ensuring all devices are juiced with minimal effort and space. 

Boasting 60W of power and integrated smart auto-detect technology, the Multi-Port USB Charging Station quickly and efficiently charges smartphones, tablets and other Type-C or Type-A USB-powered devices, while delivering the best and safest possible charge to each device.

The Multi-Port USB Charging Station’s compact design (4.5 x 2.75 x 1.13 inches) means users will not only save power outlets, but also desk and countertop space while charging devices. The charging station also makes a great traveling companion, allowing users to pack just one charger to power all their devices without taking up valuable and limited luggage, briefcase or laptop bag space. Additionally, the charging station features an on/off switch to control power without needing to unplug any devices.

The Multi-Port USB Charging Station is available now in black or white on or for $29.99.

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