“Google Prompt” Makes Two-Step Authentication Easier Than Ever

1 min read

In today’s digital world the only safe bet to keep your accounts secure is to enable two-step authentication. Enabling the feature is easy for most online services, including Google, however most users just don’t do it since it makes it more difficult to sign into their account quickly. Today however, that changes, at least on Google.

Right now if you use two-step authentication on Google you’ll need to sign in using the correct password, then have a unique code sent to your phone number via a text message which you’ll then need to enter to sign into your account. For most users it’s a quick and painless method, but now it’s even simpler. Just pull out your previously registered device, look for a prompt to allow account access, and accept. It’s that simple.

This change is already rolling out to all Android users via Google Play Services. Once enabled a dialogue will pop up on screen to confirm or deny the sign in. Google will also show you the account, city, and device which the sign in is taking place to help confirm that it’s really you. Google has confirmed this method will be coming to iOS as well, but they have yet to confirm how it will work.


To enable this functionality, head over to the “My Account” page, go over to two-step authentication, and look for the option to enable Google Prompt.

Source: Google