iClever Outdoor Speaker Review

2 min read

iClever are mainly know for their battery packs, and charging accessories; but they have released a few speakers. One of these speakers is the Outdoor speaker which aims to be an outdoor, rugged, and waterproof bluetooth speaker. Sounds great, right?

iClever’s outdoor speaker is aimed to be rugged. This does not mean you can drop it from 100ft (hear that TechRax and GizmoSlip?) nor can you play catch with it; but it is safe to take outdoors and be knocked about a little. It does seem fragile in the hand like a normal speaker, but for the few times I’ve dropped from a small-ish distance it has survived without so much as a speck of dust.

iClever says that this speaker is waterproof and optimised for shower use. Unfortunately and much to my dismay, the speaker is not waterproof enough that it will survive a swimming pool. It will however, work perfectly in both the rain and in the shower. The speaker has an IP65 rating so will work well in dust, dirt, water, and moving environments.


The speaker is a bluetooth speaker, and needs to be charged, but it does have a good battery life lasting about 10 hours per charge. There is also the option to plug in a standard AUX cable but then it won’t be waterproof.

The bluetooth connectivity is fine but not great. I can’t take my phone in the shower (for obvious reasons), and there is some drop-out from the connection when my phone is on the side just next to the shower. Otherwise the speaker connects well with relatively little drop-out of the signal.

The speaker sounds meh. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. This is understandable as the speaker is not designed for clear and perfect listening, but for outdoor and wet conditions.

For those of you who love a few tunes while you’re showering, cutting the grass, skiing, or doing other outdoor sports, then this is the speaker for you!

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