Amazon Launches New $79 Kindle With Better Specs, Thinner Design, And White Variant

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Amazon’s Kindle e-readers have always been the best choice for reading, whether that be indoors or out, but recently their efforts have been getting pretty expensive. Today Amazon is turning it down a notch, announcing a new update to their base model Kindle e-reader at just $79.

This latest version includes the same 6-inch e-ink display found on previous models, but this time you’ll find it in a slightly thinner and lighter body. Despite the thinner design, Amazon says battery life will still last for “weeks”.

The chassis has also been slightly redesigned with rounded edges, a welcome change compared to older models. For the first time it’s also available in a white variant, definitely a welcome addition to the family. Under the hood Amazon has also doubled the RAM found in this device which should make a pretty big difference in how quick everything feels.

“Tens of millions of readers around the world have Kindle e-readers and today, we’re excited to make our most affordable Kindle even better, while keeping the same breakthrough price point,” said Arthur van Rest, General Manager, Kindle. “With a thinner and lighter design, twice the memory, and all the features customers love about Kindle, it has never been a better time to be a reader.”

Both variants are available from Amazon now for purchase, but they won’t ship until July 7th. Hit up the link below to submit your order.

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