One of the biggest fears many users had when Lenovo acquired Motorola was that they’d force their Android skin onto Moto devices. While that hasn’t happened just yet, a new leak suggests that the recently announced Moto Z will indeed feature a custom skin out of the box, at least in some parts of the world.

Before freaking out, no, this won’t be taking place in the US market, that has been confirmed. However it does seem that China at the very least will be getting a new version of Lenovo’s “Vibe UI”, or “One UI”, which we saw quickly during Lenovo Tech World.

At a glance, this new skin doesn’t look too bad, but notable changes include the removal of the app drawer and some tweaks to the navigation¬†bar at the bottom of the screen. Of course it’s very likely that what we’re seeing there is nothing more than an early render, so we’ll just have to wait for units to ship in China to see what the skin will actually look like. It’s unclear if other regions will also pick up this skin but it’s possible Lenovo will also opt to use it in other countries within Asia.

Source: HelloMotoHK