Withings Activite Pop Review

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Withings is a rather small European company that specializes in the health and fitness sector selling smart devices. One of their smart devices is there Activite watch lineup. After meeting Withings back at Gadget Show Live 2015, they offered to send me their Activite Pop watch. With this watch Withings offer a classic round watch with a sleek design. I have donned my Moto 360 for a few weeks and am now transitioning between the two daily, but now it’s time for my thoughts on the Withings Activite Pop.

Activite Pop’s Features and Design

The Activite Pop has a classic circular watch face with curved glass covering the two dials on the wachface. The watch has a grey body (without a button on the side), with the watchface matching in a slightly lighter grey. The watch strap is rubber, and is available in several colors, I tested the black strap.


This doesn’t feel as premium as other smartwatches or normal watches, but I’ve found after wearing the watch for a few hours you can’t even feel it on your wrist which is very important for a fitness tracker. The watch seems lighter than other watches due to the materials and the fact the watch comes with a standard watch battery that lasts about 8 months to a year as opposed to the rechargable batteries found in other smartwatches.


The watch is mainly an activity tracker for walking, running, and swimming, it also has a sleep tracking feature. The watch is also water resistant and will count the calories burnt and the time spent swimming. The swim tracking works best with breaststroke and crawl, but it does seem to pick up other strokes if you mix it up continuously. Unfortunately in my testing the Pop did have a bit of trouble detecting the timing of a swim session, but it did fine in counting the calories burnt.


The Activite Pop also tracks your runs and walks with steps and calories burnt which is useful, but unfortunately it doesn’t have GPS which means you can’t track the route taken. The watch automatically syncs with your phone through  a companion app via Bluetooth which can then display your data from that day along with sleep tracking data.


Should You Buy It?

In my opinion there are other fitness watches out there that feel more premium, but don’t look as nice nor as classic as the Activite Pop design. While many smartwatches these days (such as the Moto 360) have a part of fitness tracking built in some may argue that a separate activity tracker is not needed; while the Activite Pop is not as accurate as other activity trackers, it is more accurate than most smartwatches. As it doesn’t give you notifications some may overlook this watch, but I found that I got used to going to the olden days and pulling my phone out to check notifications (we are tech dependant these days, aren’t we?).

If you want a fitness tracker that looks nice and feels non-existent to wear, then the Activite Pop is good for you, especially if your sports only involve walking, running, and swimming. It’s a bit pricey at just over $125, but if it fits your needs, it just might be worth a shot.

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