Android Allegedly Getting New Navigation Buttons In Android N, Nexus Devices To Get Live Support With Screen Sharing

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The on-screen navigation buttons in Android have changed quite a bit over the years and now it seems that Google is prepping yet again to change up those buttons in the upcoming Android N final release. Android Police reported a few days ago (I get it, we’re late), that the design seen above would be coming to Android N in its final release.

Android Police states that a “reliable source” says that these new buttons will debut in the final Android N release, however it’s possible that they might only be available for Nexus users. All three buttons are now filled in with an animated central button which has the four colors expand out when the button is long-pressed. This is likely to go along with Google Now on Tap and any changes Google may be making to that in Android N. For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

On another note, Android Police also reports that Google is preparing to add another perk to Android exclusively for Nexus owners. A new “Google Support” app could be coming to allow for better customer support on compatible devices.

We’ve heard in the past that Google was planning to launch a live support app for specific devices, but it never came to be. This time around however there’s a bit more to the rumor with an actual app in possession. The “Google Support” branding might not stick around, but it’s the functionality that we really care about.

This app would allow Google customer support agents to access your smartphone to see and control what’s on screen, similar to Amazon’s Mayday. It’s pretty safe to assume that this would launch only for Nexus devices and would come on the upcoming releases later this year. More details remain to be seen, but from what we’ve seen so far, I’m insanely excited for this to launch. If you’re like me and act as tech support to the family, you should probably be excited as well, especially if this sees a wider release (as unlikely as that seems).