New Report Claims That Google Will Release Their Own Smartphone This Year

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We’ve heard several times in the past that Google would be working on their own smartphone, built by them from the ground up, however we’ve never actually seen it come to be. With Nexus devices already on the market and offering a solid experience, many may argue that it’s unnecessary, however by building their own device on their own, they can truly make it their own. Now Telegraph is adding to those previous rumors with a recent report.

Within their report, Telegraph cites sources familiar with Google’s efforts in putting together this “Pixel Phone” that say the phone could be coming this year.

So why is Google building this in the first place? Clearly it isn’t software as Nexus devices already run stock Android without alterations, however in the hardware department Google doesn’t have as much control as you might think. There are still compromises to be made in terms of specs, design, and pricing. With their own hardware Google would be able to control all of these aspects without worrying about partners possibly getting in the way.


Telegraph states that this will allow Google to better take on Apple’s iPhone in the high-end smartphone market as well as asserting a bit more control over the Android platform as a whole. How those will play out remains to be seen, but we’re definitely excited to see what Google has in store. Be sure to let us know down in the comments what you think of Google releasing their own smartphone!

Source: Telegraph