Amazon’s New “Prime Exclusive” Unlocked Smartphones Give You Big Discounts For Putting Up With Bloatware

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Amazon has always been one of the best places to turn for an unlocked smartphone, however starting today you’ll be able to get certain unlocked smartphones from Amazon at a considerable discount.

Amazon’s new “Prime Exclusive” program offers select unlocked Android smartphones and it starts today with the BLU R1 HD ($49.99) and the Moto G4  ($149.99) both at $50 off. In fact, you can save even more on the Moto G4 today with Amazon offering an extra $25, bringing the price down to an insane $125.

Clearly these are awesome deals, but what’s the catch? Well, this is Amazon we’re dealing with, so you’ve probably guessed by now.

To achieve prices this low, Amazon packs these phones full of just about every Amazon app available including Amazon Shopping, Instant Video, Kindle, Amazon Music, and so on and so forth. It’s unclear whether or not you’ll be able to uninstall these apps, something that will prove important on the BLU R1 HD seeing as it comes with only 8GB of storage.

Regardless of bloatware, the real kicker is the lockscreen ads. Just like on Amazon’s famous Kindle Fire tablets, these Prime Exclusive devices will also have alternate lockscreens which feature advertisements for products on Amazon as well as movies and books.

If you’re interested in checking out these products, head over to the source links below and submit your order. Shipping starts July 12th.

Prime Exclusive Moto G4 Prime Exclusive BLU R1 HD