It’s Official, Android N Is Nougat

1 min read

Android N have been available as a developer preview for a couple of months now an as with previous releases, we’ve all been curious as to what the official name would be. Today Google has made it official, Android N is nougat.

Previous guesses included Neapolitan, Nutella, and of course Namey-McName Face, but with the official reveal of the Nougat name, reactions so far are mixed. Some love it, others hate it, and some just couldn’t care less. Regardless, the name is here, the statue is up, and the update will start hitting devices soon.

In case you’ve missed it, Android Nougat, almost certainly 7.0, will release with full support for Daydream, a new VR platform, as well as support for multi-window and much more. Developer previews have shown us much of what the OS will be capable of, but we’re still excited to see what will be added in the final release. What do you think of the name? Love it? Hate it? Drop a comment below and let us know!