Samsung Announces An Unlocked Galaxy S7/S7 Edge For The US Compatible With All Networks

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 family of smartphones is among the top options on the market today, however buying it is a bit restricted. To get your hands on one you need to pick it up from a carrier. Generally that’s no big deal, but it’s always great to avoid the bloatware and software update delays that come with carrier variants. That’s why we’re excited to learn that today Samsung is making an unlocked Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge available here in the United States.

Both of these smartphones will be available here in the States from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, eBay, Sam’s Club, and other select distributors. Pricing starts at $669 for the S7 and $769 for the S7 Edge.

We usually see unlocked devices in the US at some point or another, but with this release Samsung is doing something even better – the unlocked Galaxy S7 will be compatible with every major carrier in the States.

Yes that’s right, an unlocked S7 or S7 Edge sold in the US will be compatible with not only AT&T and T-Mobile, but also Verizon, Sprint, and many of the smaller carriers in the US such as Cricket and Straight Talk.


Software, hardware, and specifications remain the same on these unlocked variants, but they will be free of any carrier bloatware or branding. All you’ll find pre-loaded on these devices is the usual set of Google applications as well as a handful of Samsung apps. The guys over at Android Central went into a bit more detail with their unlocked variant on what you’ll find out of the box, so check out their piece if you want to learn more on that.

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