Lenovo IdeaPad 700 15″ Review

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I have long been a Lenovo fan. From their industrial strength builds, to their amazing keyboards, there’s a reason they are at the upper class of laptop manufacturers in the world. So, imagine my surprise when the fellas here at iTechTriad asked me to do a guest review of one of Lenovo’s newest laptops! Let’s take a closer look at the Lenovo ideapad 700 15.6”.


Today I’m going to try to give you a little first person insight into the 15.6” Lenovo Ideapad 700 series. Let’s just start with how big this thing is. I have been using 13”, or smaller, laptops for what seems like ages now, so this machine seems like a monster in comparison. The outer casing is plastic and feels OK, but I can’t help but feel a little more flex than I would like. Lenovo has to make a larger profit margin and some of the places they found some corners to cut are the overall build quality. It’s not terrible by any means. The laptop will most likely withstand the bumps and bruises of normal use for most users, it’s just a step below what my previous experiences with Lenovo.

The Ideapad 700 is packed full of ports and connectivity. On the right you will find a slim RJ45 ethernet port, HDMI out, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. On the opposite side there is a Kensington lock, proprietary Lenovo power port, USB 2.0, full size SD card slot, and headphone

Internally, the laptop is equipped with an Intel Dual Band AC 3165 WiFi car with Bluetooth 4.0 on board as well. Both WiFi and Bluetooth show consistent connections in my tests with little to no drops during usage.


One key advantages of having such a large laptop is the expanded screen real estate. The 15.6 inch is massive and great for getting work done. You have plenty of space to multitask with a plethora of windows open at one time. However, it’s not the best display for the eyes. At times the 1920×1080 aspect ratio leaves the large IPS looking slightly washed out. We can slot this one in the good, but not great department.


Internals and Performance

Our Lenovo provided review model was packed with some pretty solid hardware. You will find 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 6700HQ CPU at 2.6GHz, and 256 SSD hard drive. Pack that with a the Nvidia Geoforce GTX 950M graphics card with 4GB of its on, you have a pretty slick machine for whatever you want including gaming if need be. Overall, I found the Ideapad 15 to take everything I threw at it in stride. I rarely saw a stutter or see the system falter even when pushing it a little hard on Steam games.


The speakers on the Lenovo Ideapad 15 are surprisingly good. They are neatly tucked just below both the left and right of the screen bezel, and I was able to listen to music from across the room numerous times. They could offer a little more bass, but sound quality never seemed compromised. Audiophiles may find them lacking in certain area, but most consumer will have zero issues with the speaker Lenovo has provided.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Let’s be honest. If you are considering a Lenovo, you know exactly what you are getting with their keyboards. The Ideapad 700 has the same tried and true Lenovo layout with curved keys. The travel and keys felt fluid and natural. With the added dimensions of the 15, you will also have the addition of the numerical keypad to the far right of the laptop. The trackpad is fast and responsive with good pointer travel. The built in click buttons were also easy to press and provide sufficient results with no issues.

Battery Life

While I have grown accustomed to around 10 hours of unplugged bliss with newer ultraportables, the Ideapad 700 15 has been hovering in the 4-5 hour range for me. It may not be stellar, but I don’t think always on the go user is the target market for Lenovo with this monster. I believe it is more than serviceable as a full desktop replacement with pick up and go potential.



I have had a blast testing out this machine. It’s been ages since I have had my hands on a laptop of this size and appeal. At $799, this an awesome machine for the casual gamer and hardcore Office user. You could easily replace and aging desktop with the Ideapad 700 and never look back. It’s big enough for traditional task and still portable enough to carry around for business or pleasure. For more information as well as to purchase this laptop, head over to Lenovo’s site linked below.

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