Japan’s First Android One Device Is Water Resistant And Offers 3 Days Of Battery Life

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We haven’t heard much about Android One in the past few months, but this week Google and Sharp officially announced the 507SH, the country’s first Android One device.

This new mid-range smartphone packs a 5″, 720p display with an¬†Okutakoa ARM processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Along with that it runs Android, “as Google intended”, with builds nearly identical to that of Google’s Nexus devices.

Most Android One devices are pretty bare bones, but Sharp has made the 507SH stand out from the crowd a bit. Under the hood it packs a 3,010 mAh battery which they claim will last 3 days of use, something few phones can achieve. The device also touts an IPX5 rating for water and dust resistance without any port covers. These are both features we’d love on any phone, especially one as inexpensive as an Android One option.

Along with the near stock build, the 507SH will also get month Android security updates and at least one major update within 18 months of release. This will of course be the upcoming Android Nougat.

The 507SH will be exclusive to Japan on the country’s local Y! Mobile carrier upon release later this month. Pricing has not been confirmed.

Source: Google