2 Port & 4 Port iClever BoostCube Review

2 min read

iClever are known for the charging products, portable and for the home. They have added to their addition of charging products for the home with their new 2-port and 4-port BoostCube devices- extensions for your plug sockets that have USB ports built-in.

Both BoostCubes are designed and built with the idea of charging multiple devices at a time, without all of the USB wall adaptors. These sleek, simple, fast charging devices with USB ports aim to optimise charging capabilities in the home without the need for power bricks. The BoostCubes will work worldwide, with different adaptors per your country on the back of the device.


The 2 port BoostCube (costing $10.99/£8.99) offers a sleek design in black or in white. The device plugs into the wall and looks quite nice just sitting there in your room. While the need for power bricks is gone, with myself and family having multiple smart devices that need charging, I find that only two USB ports does not make a major difference to the way devices are charged. While the fast charging is definitely prominent and useful to have on a small device, a device that fits more USB wires would be more useful.


The 4 port BoostCube (costing $19.99 or £12.99) seems to be useful than the two port device, because more devices can be charged at the same time, while still using fast charging. The four port BoostCube offers the same sleek design in both black and white again. If using all the ports at the same time, then the fast charging is not as prominent due to more power being used, but is still noticeable with faster charging than power bricks.


I have found both BoostCube units to be incredibly useful, but the one with four ports to be useful than the one with two ports. Sometimes I use the two together which is great because 4 devices can be charged with only two things to plug into the wall! I would definitely recommend you buy the four port BoostCube, but if you have fewer smart devices, then go for the two port BoostCube. If you’re interested in picking up either products, links to buy are below.

2-Port BoostCube 4-Port BoostCube