LG 360 CAM Review

2 min read

With the prevalence of virtual reality in the tech space today, the need for more and more content to feed that trend is only going to grow quicker and quicker. Step in the 360-degree camera. With just one device just about anyone can shoot video content perfect for VR with just the click of a button.

There have been several options for this released in the past several months, but one we’ve been testing recently is the LG 360 CAM. Here’s what you need to know about it.

At a glance, the 360 CAM simply doesn’t look like what you’d think a 360-degree camera would look like. Rather it looks like a weird, futuristic GoPro, but hey, that’s not a bad thing. The design is simple and clean, only incorporating two buttons for power and shutter. A lens is found on each side of the device and the whole thing can be transported safely with the included slide-on shell. It’s a pretty compact and easy package.

Toward the bottom you’ll find a covered port which, when opened, reveals a USB C port for charging and data transfer as well as a microSD card slot for storage. There’s also a standard tripod mount. You can use the 360 CAM handheld, but the results usually aren’t great, so a tripod mount is certainly welcome.

To control the 360 CAM you can press the shutter button once to take a 360-degree image or long press to take a video. This is a pretty easy to learn method of control but where things get a bit more advanced is in the companion app. You’ll be able to connect to the 360 CAM over Android or iOS and there you’ll be able to control resolution, 360-degree or 180-degree recording, 5.1 surround sound or two channel audio recording, timers, and more. You’ll also be able to see a live view of what the camera sees and view previously recording videos or images as well as transfer those to your device.


As for the quality of each image, it’s nothing crazy. The 360 CAM captures enough detail and everything works well enough, for now. A year from now I have no doubt 360-degree cameras will be just as good as any other camera for the same price, but for now LG has created a great option for a reasonable price, $199. For a device that’s fun to use and very functional, that’s not a price I can really argue with.

If you’re interested in picking up an LG 360 CAM, you can do so just about everywhere you’d expect. Our review unit came from the good folks over at Verizon who also sell it, but you can also grab it from Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, Newegg, and more.