Cure Your Summertime Blues With One Of These Summer-Themed Icon Packs!

2 min read

As record temperatures steam through the Lower 48 States, you might want to capture some of the better aspects of the season on your homescreen. With that in mind, I have picked three icon packs that in my opinion capture the essence of Summer. To me, the colors and the wallpapers evoke the most pleasant aspects of the season.

I’ll begin with the newest, a fascinating pack by longtime widget designer Loraine Phuket. The icon pack is aptly named Sunnies and it’s her smashing debut on the icon pack stage. The icons and the wallpapers can make you picture yourself enjoying a cool drink on a beach while a cool summer breeze blows by.

Loraine’s widget design chops also shine through in the included Zooper widgets, Kustom Komponents (!) and Kustom widgets. Sunnies is also affordably priced, setting you back a mere $0.99.

Sunnies icon pack is available for $0.99 in the Play Store

Another of my Summer-esque icon pack choices was actually released earlier this just past Spring by Travis Hall (known in the Play Store as Not Just Another Designer), one of my favorite themers. Called Bayside, it also captures those Summer vibes with its vibrant colors. The wallpapers are abstract, but their colors likewise harken to the season.

Bayside contains more alternative icons than any icon pack I’ve seen, so you have a wide array of choices if you want to set one manually for one of your favorite apps (especially the Google apps and system apps such as “Phone”).

Bayside is available for $1.30 in the Play Store.

Wrapping up my choices for Summer-themed icon packs is a somewhat older pack released a couple of years ago, but is still getting updated. Designed by Stealthychief, one of the most prominent icon themers in the Play Store, Aloha is the virtual epitome of Summer.

Aloha has several scenic wallpapers that evoke the best memories of the season along with a couple of fitting abstract designs.

Aloha is available in the Play Store for $1.99.

In keeping with the Summer theme, I’ve also included a trio of high-res scenic wallpapers below (they have full reuse rights so you don’t have to worry about legal ramifications).