Cyanogen Inc. Might Kill Off Cyanogen OS, Company-Wide Layoffs Have Begun

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According to a recent post by Android Police, Cyanogen, Inc. is going through a round of layoffs and might shift their focus away from Cyanogen OS. The company has long been widely publicized, from its breakup with OnePlus to its influx of venture capital funding, to “putting a bullet in Google’s head” and its partnership with Microsoft. However, that publicity evidently hasn’t translated to widespread adoption of Cyanogen OS from phone manufacturers, which could mean the end for the controversial Android alternative.

While the company has apparently shifted its focus away from Cyanogen OS, its new strategy is unknown (though it will apparently be overseen by former Facebook employee and new COO Lior Tal according to a report from At this point I should mention that there’s no indication that the open-source CyanogenMod ROM will be affected by this corporate shakeup. As Android Police puts it,

The layoffs most heavily impact the open source arm of the Android ROM-gone-startup, which may be eliminated entirely (not CyanogenMod itself, just the people at Cyanogen Inc. who work on the open source side).

The same article reports that layoffs at the Seattle headquarters have been conducted in a rather cold manner: employees who aren’t being let go were told to stay home while the unsuspecting ones who showed up to work had “human resources” meetings added to their calendars, during which they were given the boot without any advance notice.

The Seattle headquarters wasn’t the only office affected. Android Police said the following:

According to one source, the systems and QA teams in Palo Alto and Seattle have been heavily cut, with Cyanogen’s smaller offices in Lisbon and India reportedly being essentially gutted. Community support members were allegedly removed, too.

It’s a sad reality that many companies in these uncertain times are going through “restructuring” phases like this, and it’s even more tragic when the layoffs are conducted without any warning to those affected. Nevertheless, the company itself will apparently survive with a new focus (which Android Police says may be centered on its “MOD” initiative, though there’s no hard evidence to support this theory). As for the employees now looking for work, let’s hope they land on their feet somehow.

Via: Android Police Via: Recode