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The Original Xbox One Is Now Just $249

The Original Xbox One Is Now Just $249

Shortly after announcing the Xbox One S back at E3, Microsoft is making their original Xbox One console a bit more enticing with a lower price tag then ever before, at least for a limited time.

This deal should be available through all outlets that sell the Xbox One, including Amazon and Gamestop, you’ll be able to score a 500GB console for just $249. This super low price, half of the console’s launch day cost, even includes a free game of your choice.

The newer Xbox One S is set to debut on August 2nd with a smaller form factor, built in power supply, and better horsepower under the hood capable of displaying games and other media in up to 4K resolution. If you’ve held off on purchasing an Xbox One so far and don’t plan on dropping the cash for the newer model, this is a fantastic deal you should definitely check out. To spice it up even more, Gamestop is offering a $30 gift card with the purchase and a free spare controller.

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