Google Will Now Send You Native Notifications On Android When New Devices Access Your Account

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Security is a big deal in today’s world and with the massive role Google plays in many of our digital lives, it’s important to keep our accounts secure. There are a number of great features enabled by Google that help out with securing your account, such as 2-step authentication, however today Google has enabled a new feature that notifies users on their devices when the accounts is accessed.

These instant notifications tell users in real time when their account has been access by a new device, such as your new smartphone, tablet, or computer. These notifications give users quick access to review the account’s activity and if they happen to catch one that wasn’t them, they can quickly secure their account with just a single tap.

To verify who logged in, Google will show the device that was used, the time it was accessed, and the location and address of it. This notification will also pop up on any Android devices you may have to ensure you see the information quickly.

This feature should already be available for many users and should be rolling out for any that don’t over the coming days.

Google offers useful and simple-to-use security features such as 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On in order to protect users who connect to their accounts on multiple devices. One equally important component in keeping users secure is educating them on what’s happening with their accounts in real-time. That’s why today, we’re pleased to release a new feature that notifies Android users of security events on their account: Android notifications for newly added devices.

Source: Google