You Can Now View Your Google Now Cards Within Now On Tap

2 min read

This morning the Google beta app received an update that appears to have added a pretty small yet excellent feature. Users can now view all of their Google Now cards directly from Now On Tap. Before the update, holding down the home button would summon Now On Tap, which would provide relevant information based on what was currently on the users screen. Holding down the home button now still yields the same result but with the added benefit of including all of the users Google Now cards as well.

This new feature will likely become quickly beloved by many Google Now users as it fills a void that Now On Tap created upon its release. You see, once Now On Tap became a thing, swiping up from the home button no longer brought up Google Now. This new feature fills that gap by now letting users simply hold down their home button to access their Google Now cards. It’s not exactly the same thing, but close enough, right? Plus, there is just something nice about being able to view Now On Tap and Google Now cards all in one place.

If you want to give this new feature a try then you will have to become a beta tester of the Google app. Doing this is extremely simple. All you have to do is click on the source link below and then scroll down until you see the beta testing section. From there, simply become a beta tester, wait a few minutes and then download the beta version of the app.

Source: Google (Play Store) Via: Droid-Life