[Indiegogo] Add A Backup Alert System To Your Car For Under $150

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Why is it that all the cool stuff comes out after you buy your car? I bought my car new directly from the dealer in 2008.  Since 2008, it’s now become the norm to have rear backup cameras in your car. If I wanted to add a backup camera system to my car, it could cost between $500-$2,000 depending on the unit.


Enter FenSens. FenSens is a system the works with a special license plate frame on the back of your car and an app on your smartphone. It does not use a camera (not now, but may possibly in a future version), but instead, it senses how close it is to anything behind you and relays that information to your phone via Bluetooth.

FenSens is currently running an Indiegogo campaign and you can add FenSens to your car for under $100 (regular street price will be $149).

The goal is to have FenSens available in May of 2017. If a stretch goal of $2.5M is hit, then cameras will be added to the FenSens system.

We’ve reached out to FenSens and we hope to have a unit available for us to review.

Here’s a video with some more information:

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