Netflix Launches “Fast” On Android And iOS For Quick And Easy Speed Tests

2 min read

Following its release earlier this year, Netflix has extended it’s new speed testing tool, “Fast“, to both Android and iOS in new mobile apps. While many of us already use the SpeedTest application from Ookla, Fast offers a cleaner, one-tap method of testing out your internet speeds.

The free app works in the same way on both Android and iOS. Simply open the app and your speed test will immediately start and give you a final result. While Fast does provide less details compared to Ookla’s popular option, it also strips ads out of the equation making for a smaller app download and a quicker experience.

Use the application to help you see how fast your internet connection is, whether on mobile or broadband, anywhere in the world. It is ad free with a streamlined design that is quick and easy to understand.

In a blog post Netflix has also explained some of the details behind how was created and some of the goals behind the service. We’ve extracted some of the information below, but you’ll want to head over to the full blog post below for the full rundown.

We wanted to make sure that could be easily used and understood by the majority of internet users, without requiring them to have any prior knowledge of computer networking, command line tools, and the like… In pursuit of the design goal of simplicity, we deliberately chose to measure only download speed, measuring how fast data travels from server to consumer when they are performing activities such as viewing web pages or streaming video. Downloads represent the majority of activity for most internet consumers.

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