Seagate Announces The World’s Largest SSD With 60TB Of Storage

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One of the easiest ways to speed up any computer is to swap the older spinning hard drive for a newer, faster SSD. As costs go down it only makes more sense to switch, however SSDs still have big restraints in terms of space. While a standard hard drive may offer terabytes of space without breaking the bank, a comparable SSD could cost hundreds.

As we go forward, the technology continues to advance and now Seagate has made a major announcement, the world’s largest SSD. We’ve seen big SSDs before, but this latest option packs 60TB of the fastest space available, and it’s awesome.

Seagate states that this drive can house over 400 million photos and over 12,000 DVD movies which is just an insane amount of space. Pricing hasn’t been announced (although it will definitely be insanely high), however Seagate has said it will only be available for businesses. The SSD will go on sale some time next year.

Via: Engadget